Friday, February 11, 2011

It's All About Love

A friend once told me something quite profound: "There is no love like that between a parent and child." At the time, I didn't have children and could not comprehend what that might feel or look like. The only person I had to take care of was myself. Life sure does change. Now that I'm a mom, I have a better understanding of love--especially the sacrificial kind. We go out of our way to protect, nurture, and give our family what they need and want, don't we?

Then there are family members, friends, coworkers, a spouse or significant other. The way we love the people in our life is different, depending on how we know them. The deeper we go, the more difficult it can be, at times, to love them well. When you find yourself in the middle of a conflict with another, you might ask, "How do I show this person love?" Even when you think you've done it right, there can be misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

It is then that we have to go back to the source of love: our God. I might have some strength in me to love others, but that will eventually run out unless I tap into a greater power; a reality that I cannot get my head around. When I fall on my face, it is then that I realize my inability to do anything apart from Him. I think back to difficult times in my marriage, and remember wise friends telling me how I would only be able to love my husband, the way he needed me to, when I learned how to love God, first.

When we hold fast to God and his perfect love for us(as His children),we are then able to love each other better. There is a natural pull that is created, an attractiveness that comes from within. Have you noticed the magnetism a person can have, when they've spent some serious time with God? They have a radiance not to be rivaled by any beauty product out there. You want to be around them because they are enjoyable to be with. You want to know what they know.

Therein lies the mystery of love: tapping in to the One who will fill us up, only to be poured out, again and again. That love will draw people in and eventually point them to the Source who will never run out. I have to admit that at times, I feel burned out...spent, tired, ready to quit. That is a wake up call for me to get with God and be refilled. I'm glad that I do have those moments because it reminds me of my daily dependence on a person greater than me. I guess no matter how 'grown up' I become, I'll always be some body's kid, right?