Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Fan Club

It's true, that my greatest admirers are less than 4 feet tall. I would never have to leave my house, ever again, and I'd still be popular(at least until my daughter started begging, "I want to go in the van, mommy!"-- she likes to stay busy). To test this theory out( every mom has done this): try to go to the bathroom, by yourself...or check your email...or just walk down to the mailbox(I have a long driveway)...and you will hear voices, chanting, screaming your name: Mommy...where ARE YOU?

Like the celebrities, trying to run from the press and crazed-fans, sometimes the persona of being 'Mom', makes me also want to run and hide. The price of fame is that we are loved and admired, but we also live a very public life...who knew the bathroom was a sacred place! Like a friend once told me: once you're a mom, you're always going to be one. Life changes, forever.

I love my kids and I wouldn't want them spending the majority of their time with anyone else.
However, I've discovered that a little time away makes your time together, even better.
When my son had his first day at preschool, I blubbered like a baby, cradling myself down the sidewalk and into the van. I then drove to the coffee shop, sat there with my daughter, and cried for the next hour(she was laughing at me). And this was supposed to be fun, 'girl-time!' What's the matter with me?

Fast-forward to present day: tomorrow will be the last day of preschool, for summer break, and now I find myself a little sad that this day has come. I eventually got used to the 2 days a week, 3 hours a day, that Adrian was in school and found that time very valuable: who really wants to take more than one child(or any) to the grocery store? You won't see me raising my hand! My children refer to it as 'the cookie store'. Free cookies while shopping is a life-saver. They don't whine, or hit each other, when they are holding a cookie and shoving it into their mouths! Genius...I love it.

Today, we made a memory that will forever be in my heart. It was so simple, and yet so profound. I said to the kids, 'Hey, let's walk over to Grandpa's house'. He lives next door and we see him often. Samantha said, "OK!" I reached for her little hand and soon it was in mine. Then I heard Adrian say, "I'm coming!" He jumped off his bike and wanted to walk with us, grabbing a hold of my other hand. We started skipping down the driveway. Then jumping up and down, laughing together. Adrian wanted us all to run, but I explained to him that Samantha would likely skin her knee(in the same spot) for the umpteenth time. So we walked. We talked about bugs, caterpillars, and how tall the weeds were growing. And just like that, we found ourselves up at the top of Grandpa's driveway, ready to go inside.

In a flash, those moments will be gone. I can't believe how fast time has gone by already. Just thinking about them growing up and flying away makes me cringe inside. I only hope that they don't fly too far away. I want to be there to watch them start up their own 'fan clubs'. I will smile now, because I'm blessed beyond measure. Because I want to enjoy this fun, yet challenging, time of life. And someday, I will laugh(a little) as they try to hide in the bathroom from their own fans!