Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We've heard it said before, "Change is the constant of our lives." I don't know who first said it, but it is true. Transitions are the crazy part of what was and what will be, in life as we've come to know it. Like a bridge over rushing waters, we can take time to lean across, admiring the force behind the streams flowing underneath...amazed at how it all came to be.
That pretty much describes my state of existence, lately. I feel as though I've gotten out of the boat, stopped the madness of paddling upstream, and am now taking time to just wait and see.

We recently took our kids to Underwater Adventures. It was so cool to walk through a tunnel of glass and water, protected from the creatures we admired on the other side. Water is a fascinating substance. It follows the path of least resistance, trying to go where there are no boundaries. It gives life, refreshment, and holds some of the most beautiful creations. And yet, it is a powerful force that can overtake you if you're unprepared. It holds some of the most fearsome creatures: sharks! Not my favorite animal, by any means. Although I didn't mind watching them swim over me, with several inches of glass between us...felt like I was on the movie "Jaws 2"...yeah, that's not my favorite movie, either!

I've become painfully aware(again) that I struggle to make time for fun. Have I really become that boring? That is scary. I think it's easy to get swallowed up in the responsibilities of life. You try so hard to keep everyone and everything, in it's proper place. It's a continual state of tension: how messy can I let my life get, before it drives me crazy? Or, is it possible to be too organized...where or where did fun go? It must've gotten misplaced...or worse yet, lost!

So, when will I get back in the boat? I'm not entirely sure,yet. For now, I'm glad that there are seasons in life when it's ok to step down from something in order to find out where you're supposed to be next. I'm looking forward to a break from some commitments in my life. Things that I love and have enjoyed doing, over the years--but not to the point of burn-out and never wanting to go back there. I do want to, at some point.

I think we are all given passions to follow for a reason. It's what gives our lives meaning and it's what we leave behind, someday. One passion I have is writing. It's always been there, buried underneath a series of life experiences, waiting be shared. I enjoy having this outlet and feel that I'm able to process what goes on, around me, better when I can write it down.

Enjoy the ride, wear a life jacket, and sit by the water when you need some time to reflect on the transitions of life.