Friday, May 7, 2010

Now its Time to Laugh!

Where or Where Did He Go?

So my son has been enjoying the great outdoors lately. He loves tractors, farming, and playing in the dirt. Today we were outside for a little while, watching puddles form on the driveway where there are no gutters. We saw two worms, struggling to get across the sidewalk and into the grass. Four-year olds are so enjoyable--they have such excitement for all that is new in their world.

One fairly new thing for my little guy is potty-training. Yep, we've finally made that milestone, just 2 months shy of his birthday. Hip, hip, hooray for that! Sometimes you think it will never come. But once it does, then you have those moments when you wish you could control the process a little better. What I'm referring to is not when they have to pee...but where they make their mark!

We went to my former workplace, a few days ago. I was in the lobby, paying for some plant material. I was almost ready to go, with receipts in hand and my daughter in my arms when I heard those words, "Mommy, I have to go potty!" I said, "ok, just a minute." One second later, he was no where to be seen. I walked down the hallway to check the bathrooms. Nope, not in there. Then I came back up to the lobby and looked out the front window. There was my son, watering the mulch, in front of a line of parked cars and trucks...some of which had onlookers!

Even though this place of business is out in the country, I've tried explaining to him, several times, that he should only "water the grass" home. Well, I guess our presence added a little color to every one's day...not mention a lot of color to my face! Gotta love it.

The Sweetest Things in Life are Brown

My little girl brings a lot of joy to our household. Her smile can light up the room and I love the way she rolls that tongue when she cute. The older she gets, the more I see myself in her.

The other day, she caught me snatching a brownie. I was hoping she wouldn't notice, but instantly began the chanting, "I want chocolate, mommy." Thought I better change her before I sat her down to eat. She didn't like that idea of waiting: "I want chocolate, mommy! I want chocolate! I NEED chocolate!" Too funny. She is so much my daughter! Is this starting already? Another day, she told that she "needed coffee". Wow, that is scary. She's kind of a parrot, on some things. The second child picks up the words quickly--at least that's how it's happened in our house.

Yep, so the sweetest things at our house are brown: chocolate, coffee--the two combined...and my little girl's big brown eyes.